By Sakhshi Sharma: The Elder Justice Hotline, Ensuring Safety within the Senior Community

By Sakhshi Sharma: The Elder Justice Hotline, Ensuring Safety within the Senior Community

It's as if elders are a chew toy that dogs constantly juggle around for the sake of entertainment. The elderly should not have to beg for the proper treatment, which they unhesitatingly deserve, as it should be their profound right. The voices of these seniors need to be heard. In fact, for eternity, the fundamental values of respecting elders have been embedded throughout generations but are beginning to fade away.

The elderly are gruesomely neglected all over the world—abuse that occurs is not brought into the limelight. There needs to be an outlet for seniors whom they can trust. While many law firms and companies are working towards the injustices against elders, they are not reachable to most. Either they require loads of money, or they are far away as an option.

However, in America, Connecticut has showcased its prime interest in assisting the elderly community. With the help of the Coalition for Elder Justice in Connecticut, Attorney General William Tong launched the Elder Justice Hotline: (+1) 860-808-5555.

According to Connecticut's Official Website, through this distinct resource, any senior victim of abuse, theft, and fraud can be connected with the agency about the specific issue they face. By standing with the senior community as a helping hand, the Elder Justice Hotline connects every victim with the correct source of guidance. Hence, this action executed by Attorney General Tong establishes a sense of hope for the elderly.

Adding onto the previous statement, whenever a senior is involved in injustice, they or their family can call this hotline, resulting in effectiveness and efficiency. During the events of abuse, neglect, fraud, or scams, elders in Connecticut do not need to search for phone numbers of companies regarding the problem; instead, they can call the Elder Justice Hotline to resolve the case immediately. 

The implementation of this hotline prominently stands out amongst the entire nation, given the increasing amount of crimes against the elderly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like Connecticut, every other state in this nation should learn to provide aid to each citizen—no matter the age.

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