By Mostafa Hamam: Lebanon on the road to regret


Lebanon on the road to regret

In the old days, the elders used to tell us that there is the safety rail and the rail of contrition, the rail of contrition on which one goes and does not return.

I remembered the words of the old people when I read about the second explosion in beloved Lebanon.

Lebanon, which was "reasonable," as they say in the Lebanese dialect, and Lebanon was like that and more.

Lebanon is now moving with great haste on the path of regret, the path of those who go away will not return.

Political forces are struggling and can not form a government.

In Lebanon, the country of culture and art, there is not a single person who bears the responsibility.

In Lebanon, they consider France the tender mother, and France tried to help with all its might. The President of France visited Lebanon twice after the port explosion, and his foreign minister visited her repeatedly. The President of France presented an initiative and all of France’s attempts failed in the face of the struggles of political forces, and all of them, without exception, are failed forces.

In Lebanon, there is no medicine, and whoever watches patients speak in the media, especially cancer patients, hearts bleed out of sympathy for them, and we have nothing to do.

In Lebanon, there is no electricity, which is one of the basics of life.

In Lebanon, there is neither gasoline nor diesel, and this means that there is no blood in the body of the Lebanese state, so how is life organized when most aspects of life stop due to the lack of fuel?

In Lebanon, there is no army that can impose its power and control over the rest of the Lebanese territories. The strange thing is that the army that can impose its power is the army of one of the sects in the south, and it is not hidden from anyone that it is Hezbollah.

If you want to follow free media in the world that speaks Arabic, I am sure that you have only the Lebanese media in front of you.

If you follow the free Lebanese media, you will find nothing but screaming and wailing from everyone and accusations against the other parties.

After the explosion of a fuel tanker yesterday in the Akkar region, which killed 20 people so far and dozens of wounded with very severe burns, I asked myself, are there patriots in Lebanon who wander for the love of their homeland?

In all of Lebanon, there is only one hospital for the treatment of burns, and it is certain that it is not working due to the lack of fuel and medicine.

After this explosion, I was sure that Lebanon is on the verge of the end if it has not already reached the end.

Lebanon's contradictions are difficult to understand, and as a follower, I see that Lebanon has lost the foundations of a state, and I see that the only beneficiary is Hezbollah, which will sooner or later decide to declare a Shiite state in southern Lebanon under the rule of the Iranian leader.

The strange and strange thing is that all the international and regional forces that do not want Hezbollah have successfully failed to eliminate it, and it has been imposing its word so far.

I will not say this time to go back to Lebanon. I lost hope after the conflicting political forces failed to form a government, and even if it was formed, it would not add anything.

All I hope is for a miracle to happen that saves Lebanon, and we must pray and pray that the Almighty save this country, which is one of the countries that maintain balances in this region where conflicts do not stop.

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