Biden vows revenge from terrorists who killed American soldiers in Afghanistan


Biden vows revenge from terrorists who killed American soldiers in Afghanistan

The president promised to continue the evictions and said advisers were still sticking to next week's withdrawal deadline but would work to get people out even after that.

President Joe Biden vowed to respond "forcefully" to the terrorists who killed 13 US service members and dozens of Afghans in suicide bombings outside Kabul airport yesterday.

"To everyone who carried out this attack, as well as to those who wish America would be hurt, know this: We will not forgive, and we will not forget this and make you pay the price," Biden said. "We will respond with force in a specific time, in the place we choose and at the moment we choose."

 The Islamic State group announced responsibility for the "martyrdom attack" that killed at least 95 Afghans and wounded more than 100.

Speaking from the White House, Biden said he had instructed his leaders to make plans to strike the assets, leaders, and facilities of ISIS, the Afghan branch of the Islamic State, the terrorist group known as ISIS, which he said has been planning "a complex array of attacks on American military personnel in recent days."

Biden also promised to continue evacuation efforts and said his military advisers were still sticking to Tuesday's withdrawal deadline. However, they would work to get people out of the country after the deadline. Biden said more than 7,000 people had been evacuated in the past 12 hours.

"The terrorists will not deter us, and we will not let them stop our mission," he said. "We will continue the evacuation," he added.

Two suicide bombers targeted a crowded area outside Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport, where people had gathered trying to flee the country. One of the attacks occurred at a dense checkpoint where US service members searched people for bombs and weapons before boarding planes. The other attack took place at the nearby Baron Hotel.

In addition to killing 13 US soldiers, 18 others were wounded. The Department of Defense has not been able to determine the number of Afghans killed or injured.

The Associated Press put the number at least 60, with more than 140 Afghans infected.

Biden's national security team members learned of the first explosion as they gathered in the Situation Room Thursday morning for a scheduled meeting with the president. As the situation deteriorated, the White House announced that several events on Biden's schedule were postponed, including a personal encounter with Naftali Bennett, the new Israeli prime minister, as well as a virtual meeting with bipartisan governors. Who is helping to resettle Afghan evacuees?

Vice President Kamala Harris canceled a trip to California to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom and instead returned to Washington.

White House officials said Secretary of State Anthony Blinken briefed Biden on this. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. 

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