Get $12.000 and free outdoor recreation when you move to West Virginia

Get $12.000 and free outdoor recreation when you move to West Virginia

 West Virginia will pay workers $12.000 to move into the state — and give them free outdoor entertainment for a year worth more than $2.500.

Recent calls have been seen in Tulsa city in Oklahoma and Natchez in Mississippi offer incentives for remote workers to move to their towns.

West Virginia has become the latest district to offer incentives to encourage people to move to the area.

Ascend WV offers remote workers who move there $10.000 in cash during their first year and $2.000 during their second year.

Once there, they will take advantage of a free co-working space to stay connected digitally and attend events to network with business leaders in the country.

The opportunity to obtain remote work certifications will also be provided through West Virginia University and access to the John Chambers School of Business and Economics entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Since the state recognizes access to the outdoors, the program also offers a free entertainment package to participants to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Remote workers who take advantage of this opportunity can explore the state's 2.032 miles of white water, 4.000 rock climbing trails, 1.5 million acres of public land, 1.500 miles of public footpaths, the newest U.S. National Park, New River Gorge Park, and Preserve.

Why West Virginia?

West Virginia is a beautiful state in the United States and a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with a series of lush, uninterrupted mountains, roaring white-water rivers, and snow-capped ski resorts.

Ascend West Virginia communities are strategically located near major urban markets for quick and convenient access for business travel.

Morgantown city is just over an hour's drive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lewisburg is located less than two hours from Roanoke, Virginia, and Richmond, Virginia.

Shepherdstown is located only 90 minutes from Washington, DC.

West Virginia also has low tax with income tax rates ranging from 3% to 6.50%, depending on the citizen's income level and registration status. The local sales tax is 6%, with a slight difference in some municipalities.

The website also has an easy-to-use cost-of-living comparison tool, so potential movers can see how their site compares to West Virginia.

For example, West Virginia has a 95% lower cost of living than Washington, D.C., with an average home cost of $460.000 lower.

Compared to New York City, the cost of living in West Virginia is 139% lower by $584.000 than the low average cost of a home.

How to apply?

Applications are now being accepted in Morgantown, the state's first participating city, and other cities, including Lewisburg and Shepherdstown.

To be eligible for the new program, you must currently work remotely or have the ability to work remotely full-time at a company based outside of West Virginia, or be self-employed outside of the state. You must provide evidence of employment and income before admission.

Prospective participants must reside full-time out of state and have the ability to move to Morgantown city within six months of approval. They are also required to be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States.

To learn more and apply for the Ascend WV telework program, visit their website here.

12.000 dollars in cash

As if life in West Virginia isn't award enough, the program will pay remote workers $12,000 to move there. No strings attached.

Over the first year in their new mountain town, newcomers will receive $10,000. They'll only get $10,000 to move here!

When they fall in love with "Almost Heaven," they will receive an additional $2,000 for their second year in West Virginia.

It's possible to hike in your backyard or experience a high-speed adventure with rafting, off-roading and climbing. The program's creators believe these activities will give the newcomers the energy they need for their next video call.

The offer will be extended to include free outdoor equipment rental for workers, their families, and friends to facilitate the deal.

With a year of accessible outdoor recreation, access to free equipment rental services, and a free outdoor-focused welcome trip all worth over $2,500, the Ascend WV package is the first of its kind in the United States.

Free co-working space

Remote work is here to stay and Ascend WV seems to have the solution to perfectly balance busy checklists with your free time that doesn't currently exist: co-working spaces and a community center in the heart of booming mountain towns.

social programming

To help newcomers feel at home and find their place in the community, they will be the special guest of Ascend WV on various Sundays.

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