Canada is preparing to announce new travel rules tomorrow


Prime Minister Trudeau

Canada is preparing to announce new travel rules tomorrow

Current restrictions at the Canadian border expire on July 21.

Canada imposed travel restrictions in March 2020 and extended them monthly throughout 2021. The country has taken a phased approach to lift the restrictions.

In general, those now allowed to travel to the country include Canadian citizens, permanent residents, new immigrants, temporary foreign workers, international students, and family members of Canadians.

Those who have remained excluded include tourists from the United States and tourists from the rest of the world. Flights to Canada from India have been banned since April.

Border restrictions expire on July 21, but Prime Minister Trudeau said Thursday night that the new rules would be announced: "early next week," suggesting the measures will be notified by Tuesday at the latest, a day before the end current standard.

Thanks to the statement from Trudeau's office, we now have a strong sense of what the new rules will entail. The only uncertainty remains in India, where the Canadian government remains shy about when it plans to lift the ban on flights to India.

Trudeau's office says their goals allow fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents to enter the country as tourists by mid-August.

It seeks to welcome fully vaccinated tourists worldwide by the beginning of September.

After a slow start, Canada has emerged as a world leader in vaccination rates. Canadian government data shows that about 80 percent of Canada's population aged 12 or older have received one dose of the Corona vaccine, while more than 40 percent have been fully vaccinated. July 15 data shows that Canada recorded more than 400 new COVID cases in the previous day.

The number of daily COVID cases in Canada was highest in April 2021 when it topped 9,000 new daily points. However, a more potent vaccine supply has led to fewer cases and counties across the country to ease social distancing guidelines.

Canada announced last month that all COPR holders (recently approved immigrants) were effectively immediately exempted from the travel restrictions declared.

Earlier this month, Canada implemented new instructions that exempt fully vaccinated travelers from the need to quarantine.

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