Welcome to Susanne’s Garden

Welcome to Susanne’s Garden

For the second time, I enjoyed visiting Susanne’s garden in Alexandria. I picked up my daughter, who is eight years old, on a tour of Susanne’s Garden; my daughter was very excited about this visit. Susanne welcomed us warmly, and we learned about many plants that can be grown and cared for at home. She also provided information on how to care for plants that need longer periods of shade and those that need to be exposed to the sun for longer hours. Susanne cares about her customers like her family; she is nice and friendly. Susanne has lots of plants that need to find a garden now:

You get 3 small pots for 1$ with the following kinds: Basils, Yarrow, Beefsteak Plant / Perilla  Zinnia, red Cypress Vine (needs a trellis), cherry tomato plants, Malabar Spinach (a great summer green vegetable!), annual flowers like zinnia, Mexican Sunflower, Blue Mistflower,

For $2 you get perennials like pink perennial Moscheutos Hibiscus (huge blossoms), Texas Star Hibiscus in red, Chryanthemums (late blooming), purple Butterfly Bush.

So, I invite you and your kids to visit her wonderful and distinguished garden here in Alexandria. For more information, watch this video


You can contact her through her email:


Pick up is in Alexandria 22308


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