Paula is an Extension of the Coptic Heritage in Egypt and Worldwide


Paula is an extension of the Coptic Heritage in Egypt and Worldwide

There is no extension of the Coptic heritage in Egypt and worldwide.

Paula is a young Egyptian man distinguished by his ideas and handiwork in making crosses and Coptic icons. Through his professionalism in presenting crosses in various forms, Paula achieved high popularity on the Facebook page and found followers of his work from various parts of the world. Paula hopes that his work, which embodies the rituals of the Church, will reach all the world's churches and be a source of blessing for all.

How Did Paula Started?

I started working three years ago with my brother on designing new and distinct shapes for crosses that are linked to the rituals of the Coptic Church and the life of Jesus Christ on earth. I inherited this profession 15 years ago from my father and began developing this work by adding some touches, such as the body of Jesus Christ and some roses to the crosses. Then I thought about adding the red stripe to the cross, and then I added the phrase (This is the King of the Jews), and thus the crosses in Coptic homes embody the journey of salvation for the Lord of Glory.

Adding the symbols associated with the crucifixion has contributed to attracting many people who want to have crucifixes in their homes, especially on religious occasions during the days of the Coptic New Year, starting with the story of the Nativity and the Advent, the fast of Greece, the Epiphany, and the Feast of the Virgin Mary, all the way to Holy Week and the celebration of Palm Sunday and Resurrection. The cross has come to embody this one integrated story of the journey of Jesus Christ.

What makes you special in your work on Coptic heritage and cross-making?

Paula indicated that he thought about designing the crosses through new ideas for lighting the crosses using stones instead of electricity. He added that he began to consolidate the concept of the cross, which can be purchased at any time during the year and is not linked to a specific time or the anniversary of a specific event in the Coptic year.

My work embodies my personality through my distinctive work. I explore what is happening by searching for new ideas that I present every day, and I have more ideas that I hope to present in the coming years. Thus, I can make new additions and new touches. For example, I thought about designing a new shape by adding... Golgotha embodies the whole story of the crucifixion, the right thief, and the left thief. Embodying the two thieves was new, especially since most other icons did not care about displaying them. This idea took 16 days to implement.

What are your Wishes?

I want to have a fixed place so that people will come to me from everywhere to see my new work and designs. Everyone will see my work and encourage me to continue. My product will reach all Christian homes inside and outside Egypt. I am confident that the Arab community in America will be interested in my work, and I hope that my work reaches the libraries of American churches.

How can we contact you from Outside Egypt?

We have an international shipping service throughout the United States.

I have a Facebook page (Paula bta alslban)

Chat on WhatsApp +2 (010) 924-67168 %D9%84%D8%B5%D9%84%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%86-bola-bta3-alslban/100089429116203/

A message to the reader:

I need your encouragement and support to continue.

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