By Sameh Selim: The problem of transport and communication in the United States

Mr. Sameh Selim

The problem of transport and communication in the United States

Written by Sameh Selim: Member of USPS

The transport and communications sector is one of the most important sectors influencing any country, small or large. In this regard, I particularly mention the internal transport and communications sector, which is one of the pillars of the infrastructure of the modern state. So what if this country is a superpower? The transport sector is the lung that breathes from... During this time, American citizens affected the tourism sector and investment movement. The most influential sector in the movement of citizens within the United States is domestic aviation, which is getting worse day by day. Domestic airline companies have become worn and unusable. There are old propeller-driven planes that are still in service on short flights and are in use—the danger to the lives of the passengers and crew. The lack of renewal of the air fleet with modern aircraft and the lack of real air safety, as well as the delay or cancellation of flights at times, make the American citizen think again and again before boarding planes that are not suitable for flying in the air, which prompts the American citizen to refrain from domestic tourism or quick transportation. Within the states, he turns to foreign tourism or is forced to use his car or train for long hours until he goes to another state to spend vacations or some times of the year. Then, he is faced with another complementary problem that disturbs his life: the lack of internal public transportation within the states and connecting the cities of one state. Within the neighborhoods of a single city, its difficulty makes it difficult for the tourist, investor, or even the average American citizen to move easily, and the solution is simple and easy. Suppose the state is unable to fill the void in the transportation sector. In that case, it must involve the private sector and capable individuals, as in other countries, to fill this void, eliminating unemployment. It increases the rate of economic growth and employment.

Despite our media and press appeals to pay attention to this vital sector, which is considered an economic and social priority and is considered the first pillar of the national economy and population growth in unpopulated places.

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