By Sameh Selim: Proposals to eliminate illegal immigration across US borders

Mr. Sameh Selim

Proposals to eliminate illegal immigration across US borders

By Sameh Selim- member of United States Press Agency

When I talk to you about large, wide borders by land and sea, which are the southern American borders, the source of danger that threatens our country from illegal immigration, drugs, the flow of counterfeit currency, theft, murder, and other heinous crimes. Some legislative, legal, security, and administrative proposals within the states to eliminate illegal immigration. In the beginning, a distinction must be made between two things.

- Those who entered the US territory have already crossed the border and are not registered with security, and are not known to the US authorities or border points

- And whoever stands at the border waiting to cross the border and enter the US territory

In the first case, which is the most dangerous, these people can be summoned or arrested to legalize their security and professional conditions, such as obliging them to perform certain jobs and to stay in certain states with a low population density that needs labor for at least five years with a work permit. After five years have passed, the refugee or illegal immigrant gets a green card, and then He can then apply for citizenship, provided that he pays taxes and does not leave the state where he works for five years. After that, he can go to another place if he prefers. Specifically, without the other, the US states are vast.

As for the second case, it is the one who stands at the border waiting to cross, which is the introduction of the legal sponsorship system for American companies that need intensive labor or even seasonal labor, such as the Gulf countries, so the companies will have points of presence on the American southern borders to pick up labor coming from Latin American countries and carry out legal procedures In cooperation with the US authorities, these companies will be fully responsible before the US authorities for this labor, so they will be responsible for them taxally and informationally, and these companies such as the building and construction sector, agriculture, roads, factories, mining and other important industries, i.e. giving these companies more space in this regard and giving them licenses to recruit workers and organize Their living in places belonging to these companies within the framework of new legislation approved by the House of Representatives, and then the violator of these companies or sectors that use that labor without papers, security measures, or tax evasion will be held accountable by increasing the penalties for anyone who violates the new proposed legislation.

Then we come to another proposal, such as providing incentives and salaries or exempting from some government fees in states that are empty of population and that need an increase in the number of people and employment for its reconstruction and opening new job opportunities for its development, especially in the sectors of agriculture and industry, and these advantages can be like obtaining citizenship after Five years without paying fees, for example.

On the other hand, random immigration must be abolished and converted to migration based on points or conditions.

Thus, I have contributed some legal and legislative suggestions to present to the members of Congress and the US government to take whatever they see fit.

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