By Mr. Sameh Selim: Political Machiavellianism and the New World Order

Mr. Sameh Selim

Political Machiavellianism and the New World Order

Who is the founder of political Machiavellianism?

He is Nicola Machiavelli, born in Florence. He was an Italian thinker, philosopher, and politician during the Renaissance. His most famous book was The Prince, and he is the founder of realistic political theorizing. He sought to separate religion from the state, so he moved away from the monk Savonarola, who was a student at his hands. Current now and one of his famous sayings

- Aims justify means

- The material interest is above everything

- It's doubly fun to fool the prankster

The first way to evaluate a ruler is to look at the men around him

Hence, we begin our conversation about the tangible political reality that we live in these days and the impact of political Machiavellianism in the new world order, which is governed by the language of economic interests without regard to international law, ancient political systems, international norms, or old traditional policies. The language of economic interests has now become the one that governs international relations. And determining its shape and fate, so that yesterday's enemies become today's friends, and vice versa.

The biggest example of this is Italy, the country of Machiavellianism, the founder of this political theory, which deviated from the European Union’s obedience to achieve its economic interests, and there are other countries that follow the same approach, such as the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Hungary, and Egypt, but it is not political Machiavellianism in its old traditional form in the new world order, but some modifications and things. Which makes there a political balance between the old Machiavellianism and the old traditional political system based on respect for international systems and laws.

This is evident in the policy of non-alignment, which achieves a balance between political Machiavellianism and respect for international systems and laws. It is a difficult equation in dealing with other countries, especially the superpowers, to achieve the maximum amount of interests with the least losses. The non-alignment policy is one of the sons of political Machiavellianism in its modern, realistic and legal form.

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