By Sameh Selim: Attention: American politicians, to what is written in the American press

Mr. Sameh Selim

Attention: American politicians, to what is written in the American press

By Mr. Sameh Selim- Member of United States Press Agency

The new colonization of the African continent is inevitably coming for several years, and you are asleep only dreaming of political and military hegemony and sovereignty over Europe, NATO, the war in Ukraine and Taiwan, and you left the field to Russia and China in Africa, specifically in the Nile Basin countries rich in untapped wealth. It has a large presence in this region to search for gold and other natural resources while you are involved and mired in the Ukrainian war and the conflict with China over Taiwan, leaving the most important for the American economy to survive and reform the global economy.

Unfortunately, there is no quick listen to what is being written in the American press lately. You are always behind the economic ranks, especially those heading to Africa. Other European countries such as Italy and even Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia preceded you, and you are lost between Ukraine and Taiwan, leaving room for others to tamper with African wealth—your political stubbornness and not listening to the true voice of the simple American press. How long will you not care about what is written and not read anything. How long will you listen only to the voice of your advisers in the White House and some of the media close to you, which is the inevitable result? For successive US administrations, Africa is the winning horse in the economic equation to escape the crisis, pay off debts, and search for wealth and treasures. Do as others do. If you come late, it is better than coming at all.

This is what Mrs. Georgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, did in her moves to the depth of Africa. She left Europe with its problems and resorted to the haven of the African continent. As for the European countries that are still moving in a different direction, such as Germany, France, and England, such as the United States, they leave room for others, with all regret.

The painful economic reality that we live in requires us to read and listen to everything written in the American press, small or large, just for research centers in Washington, DC. Several years ago, I wrote two very important articles, one entitled Africa the Safe Haven and another titled Africa, the Lost Treasure. And another about the war on ports and seaports, and instructed the American administrations to see a future and proactive economic actions, but unfortunately, no one reads anything. No one cared about what was written by the successive American administrations. Suddenly they woke up after that to a catastrophe that occurred in this important African region with a miserable reaction policy. This is due to a need to pay attention to what is written and published in the American press. I plan to review these matters again so that our country will rise to a real renaissance before it is too late.

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