By Mr. Sameh Salem: Crying over the ruins of history

Mr. Sameh Selim

Crying over the ruins of history

By Mr. Sameh Salem- Member of United States Press Agency

I cried deeply over the ruins of history and its remnants scattered in several parts of the world when I recalled the memories that I followed in its last days when I was a child between 1974 and 1979, so the remnants of the monarchy were still present in royal palaces or buildings, or in people who still carried the royal identity in their dealings, taste, and literature. The meaning of these words is not the literal meaning of the word, but rather the morals and taste in dealing that existed in this era and then changed and changed not only in the Arab region but the whole world.

I saw in old pictures that I kept for my grandparents and my family, past and present, that arouse the ire of any person when they see them because of their sophistication and beauty, and remind us of the events of history that we did not live, but we saw through the pictures of parents, relatives, and grandparents.

Even aspects of social life in all its forms, fine art and high culture, so I used to hear and read many stories, even old cinematic films that documented that historical period in its beauty and sophistication. He witnessed historical events, and political and artistic personalities also emerged through him. I look forward to the pictures of the greats hanging on the wall; then I see this beautiful history in the eyes of my teachers who lived part of this history in the royal era and beyond, such as Dr. Boutros-Ghali, Dr. Mahmoud Naguib Hosni and others who left our world and left a history And a legacy that remains throughout the ages to unveil the secrets of the ancient royal history. If you rebuild the royal buildings, how will you rebuild the royal man?

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