By Dr. Marian Tadrous: Pray and ask for the poor, the weak and every distressed soul

Dr. Marian Tadrous

Pray and ask for the poor and the weak and every distressed soul

Crisis negotiators are seeking to end a two-day standoff on Richmond Street in Fairfax County with a girl suffering from a mental health crisis in the Hybla Valley area, with residents still warned to stay away and avoid walking in the area. Crisis negotiators continue to speak to a woman armed with a gun holed up inside a car in distress, officials said, as the standoff continued for two days shutting down the Richmond Highway in both directions.

"We appreciate your continued patience as we work to resolve the situation peacefully," the police told residents of the area.

Despite the complexity of the situation and the dissatisfaction of many of us as residents of the area with our inability to practice our daily lives and the closure of the main road for the next day, this situation reflects the wise role of the police officers and their patience in dealing with the crisis. They are trying to save the girl who threatens to commit suicide and protect the citizens in the street from exposure to any harm. Also, the girl locked herself inside her car for two days, refusing all kinds of negotiations to get out of it and hand over her weapon.

  What psychological crisis made her find ending her life a way to solve all her problems? What pressures did she go through to get into that situation? The police also used audio recordings of her relatives and everyone who knew her, asking her to leave the car and cooperate with the police. They told her that they love her and wanted her back. The police are still providing all psychological and moral support to this girl, to no avail.

Today I realized the importance of praying for the distressed souls in the Holy Pascha of Holy Week: "Pray and ask for the poor and the weak, and every distressed soul of every kind, so that the Lord our God may have mercy on them and us and forgive us our sins". 

All we can do now is pray for this girl and all those who suffer from psychological hardships that the Lord removes all distress and weakness from them and gives them strength and aid to overcome their problems and difficulties.

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