The first payment of Social Security checks between $1,827 and $4,555

The first payment of Social Security checks between $1,827 and $4,555

Four days until automatic payments between $1,827 and $4,555 start hitting accounts - Christmas determines if you get the money.

The first batch of your new 2023 Social Security checks amounting to $4,555 will go out in just days and may reach you, depending on when your birthday is.

This year, retiree benefits will be boosted thanks to a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that increased by 8.7 percent.

This results in the average accrual increasing to $1,827 per month, while the maximum will increase to $4,555.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients received their first 2023 payment from COLA on December 30 because New Year's Day will affect when benefits are paid.

Also, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) persons who began receiving benefits before or during 1997 must have received their first payment on January 3.

Then, Social Security, along with SSDI claimants (who started getting benefits after 1997), will get their first payment of 2023 starting in four days.

When you receive Social Security, retirement benefits are based on your birthday, with payments disbursed three Wednesdays a month.

So, if your birthday is between the 1st and 10th, the payment will be deposited on the second Wednesday of every month.

If your birthday falls between the eleventh and the twentieth, it will be deposited on the third Wednesday of every month.

Finally, if your birthday on the 21st reaches the 31st, it will be deposited on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

The full payment schedule for January is as follows:

Second Wednesday: January 11

Third Wednesday: January 18

Fourth Wednesday: January 25

For the following month, SSDI and Social Security beneficiaries can expect their payments for the land on February 8, February 15, and February 22.

SSDI claimants who began claiming in or before 1997 can expect to receive their claims on February 3.

SSI payments are set to hit the accounts on February 1.

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