By Sameh Selim: The European Spring amid a cold winter

Mr. Sameh Selim

By Sameh Selim: The European Spring amid a cold winter

When the European spring comes unusually in the cold winter, the long and cold winter of Europe needs heating that depends on gas and electricity until winter, when the temperature reaches below zero and snow covers most of Europe.

As we explained earlier, energy is one of the strategic weapons in modern wars. Instead, it and water are more powerful than nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction. This will lead to a qualitative change in the Russian-Ukrainian war on the part of European countries, the largest and most directly affected by this war, which has no meaning or justification. And here has begun the European Spring, or what is known as the protests of European peoples that can turn into revolutions calling for a change of rulers or compliance with the demands of these peoples to stop this war and not escalate anymore. Wages to combat inflation and price hikes. A windmills war or a struggle with mirages has become futile in Germany.

As for England, it was a surprise. The government of Liz Terrace fell resoundingly after British policy flopped violently both internally and externally in light of the severe economic crisis. Then, the young British man of Indian origin, Sunak, came to rule Britain for the first time in the history of Britain and Europe, and this is an indicator New to all of Europe and the United States as well, away from false paranoia and working seriously on the ground. As the situation worsened in the rest of the European countries, the elders in Europe were broken, and they became between the hammer of war and the anvil of the demands of the European peoples.

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