A boy eight years old accidentally shoots his sister

Casey Bass

A boy, eight years old, who was playing with his father's gun, accidentally shoots his sister.

The boy's father, Roderick Randall, left the gun in a locker in his room

After the 45-year-old left his room at Lion's Motel, Pensacola

The eight-year-old fired a shot that passed through the wall, killing the one-year-old and hitting her two-year-old sister.

The victim was later identified as Cassie Bass. Her sister is expected to live.

The two sisters, their mother Randall, and his son shared a hotel room.

Randall was later booked into prison and was revealed to be a criminal 14 times.

He was eventually released on $41,000 bail and is due to appear in court in July.

After he left the room, the son found him and fired a bullet that went through the wall, killing and hitting the child, Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said Monday.

Casey Bass was accidentally shot and killed by the eight-year-old boy, who also wounded her two-year-old sister. Bass has been described as "a delighted, loving and cheerful child."

He is accused of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, two counts of culpable negligence by storing a gun within reach of a minor resulting in injuries, tampering with evidence, and failure to hold a weapon in the manner required.

The relative also described the shooting as a "tragic accident."

The shooting occurred at Lion's Motel, near Pensacola, Florida, where Randall, his son, his girlfriend, and her two daughters were staying.

He was arrested and later released on $41,000 bail.

It remains unclear if Randall has a lawyer representing him on his behalf.

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