By Sameh Selim: Will Europe learn from the mistakes or disasters of the past, political and strategic?


Mr. Sameh Selim

Will Europe learn from the mistakes or disasters of the past, political and strategic?

By Sameh Selim- Editor

When the former Soviet Union fell and disintegrated into small independent republics, the Russian Federation appeared to succeed the former Soviet Union in a smaller form and a different political and economic form than the previous one. The promising new political leadership at that time was seeking the West to quote, learn, or even imitate, and in this case, the West had to contain the Union The new emerging Russian, and seeking to annex it to the West instead of heading backwards to the East and it was a real opportunity at that time for Russia to join its military strength, its nuclear, strategic and industrial weight and its raw resources to NATO and the European Union before Eastern Europe joined the alliance and the European Union, as well as any sensitivities in this matter As for the United States and England, it would have been possible to first join the European Union and join it to the European economy and the single currency, the euro. Achieving and preserving economic interests is the biggest link that cannot be broken. In this case, NATO membership remains the ideal choice for Russia after linking it economically with the European Union. This is a strategic mistake that did not NATO become aware of it only after the war has already taken place The Ukrainian and the recent collision in light of the division of Europe between supporters and opponents of the foreign policies of NATO.

Is it possible to correct what happened in the past, such as the establishment of reconciliation between NATO and Russia, and the enemies of the past become friends today. Nothing is impossible in politics or international relations.

Will the nuclear conflict states become allies in the near future, and will Russia join NATO after the war, so that the alliance will be the first superpower in the world to be unmatched by any other military power? Military and nuclear hegemony and the biggest example of this is China, which always avoids entering into military disputes and conflicts or alliances to preserve its economic achievements.

Finally, will Russia's accession to NATO be a reality or a fantasy? This is what the coming days will result from. In my personal opinion, I consider it a fact. For example, Japan became an ally of the United States and an economic partner after the war and destruction.

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