A giant storm is expected to hit Washington, DC, next week


A giant storm is expected to hit Washington, DC, next week

A massive storm is expected to hit major East Coast cities such as Washington DC, New York, and Boston next week. Airports could face significant disruptions and delays, putting a wrench in the plans of the millions of Americans who fly in to celebrate Thanksgiving. "This storm will cause a lot of rain to the Interstate 95 corridor," AccuWeather meteorologist Paul Pastelok said. He also noted that flooding in streets and highways could cause significant delays to motorists.

Winds are expected to be northeast on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, leading to long flight delays in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. "Significant disruptions to airlines from the Great Lakes region to the northeast are possible with winds over 50 mph in some locations," said Chad Myers, a CNN meteorologist.

Heavy rain from the storm is expected to hit coastal cities on the East Coast next week, with some snow expected in the Midwest. On Tuesday, the Midwest and New England will see highs in the 30s, while the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will see highs in the 40s. If you are stranded at home for several days during a major storm, the US government suggests keeping the following items in your emergency supply kit:

According to NOAA, localized flooding can occur in urban areas during storms. "Roofs of homes direct precipitation into the ground beneath them, and highways, parking lots prevent the ground from absorbing rain." It would help if you never walked or drove in floodwater as it may contain objects that could cause damage.

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