Items every COVID family needs to combat cold and flu season


Items every COVID family needs to combat cold and flu season, according to medical experts.

We are in the middle of a perfect storm. We have cold and flu season, plus the added and continuing threat of COVID-19.

"Many of the practices that are used to control COVID-19 also apply to the prevention of seasonal respiratory viruses, such as RSV, endemic coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, and influenza," Dr. and infectious diseases at Baylor College of Medicine, according to Yahoo Life.

It starts with being vaccinated against both COVID-19 and the flu. Next, there's the proper use of face masks and hand sanitizers — but even then, your loved one can still get sick anyway. It is a good idea to keep stock of what you need to keep your home as clean as possible. That way, you'll do everything you can at home to help keep the disease at bay — now and in the months to come.

High-quality reusable face covers for adults and children

Put on face masks for the whole family once with this four-pack of Quality Durables, now on sale. Each mask consists of two layers of super-soft jerseys.

"If one wears a mask, it reduces transmission of COVID-19 and influenza," Dr. Rajiv Fernando, an infectious disease expert in Southampton, New York, tells Yahoo Life. Cutler says it's a good idea to have masks on hand in your home to protect other family members if one of you gets sick.

A good thermometer is a household essential, and the Amazon bestselling iHealth No-Touch Forehead thermometer is perfect for getting your body temperature quickly. The temperature will appear in seconds on the large, easy-to-read digital LED display.

"Monitoring and recording temperature progress using a factor thermometer is important data to provide to healthcare professionals when they need to discuss ongoing illness," Weatherhead says.

This option uses three different sensors to provide reliable results. Just put it a few centimeters from the forehead, press the button and get a quick reading. Excellent bonus: The thermometer vibrates when it's ready instead of beeping, so you don't have to worry about waking a sleeping person.

Mr. Clean Citrus Multi-Surface Summer Anti-Bacterial Liquid Cleaner

Mr. Klein is back on Amazon! The 176-ounce bottle of detergent kills 99.9% of bacteria. Use it to disinfect work surfaces, floors, and high-touch surfaces.

"Always keep cleaning products on hand at home," says Margaret Quinn, MD, clinical assistant professor at Rutgers College of Nursing. "There's no reason to stock up on produce, but use the general rule to use one bottle and have a second on hand."

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