New decisions issued by YouTube management

YouTube blocks all anti-vaccine content

 On Wednesday, YouTube said in a blog post that it would ban all anti-vaccine content and bypass COVID-19 to include content that claims vaccines cause chronic health effects or contain misinformation about substances in vaccines.

The Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O)-owned online video company is also banning prominent anti-vaccine activists and has canceled several channels, The Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing Matt Halperin, vice president of the Global Trust and Safety Fund at YouTube. 

The move comes with YouTube and other tech giants like Facebook Inc. (FB.O) and twittering. 

Even when YouTube takes a stricter stance on misinformation, it faces a backlash around the world. On Tuesday, it removed the Russian state-backed German-language channel RT from YouTube, as the company said the media violated its COVID-19 disinformation policy.

Russia on Wednesday called the move "unprecedented media aggression" and threatened to block YouTube. Read more

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