Democrats 'top lines' in $3.5 trillion budget proposal

Democrats 'top lines' in $3.5 trillion budget proposal

Families: The central family plans programs Biden proposed are funded in the Assistance and Funding Instructions.

 Establishes a public kindergarten for children from 3 to 4 years old and new childcare benefits for working families

 Make the community college tuition-free for two years

 Extending the most significant tax cut ever for families with children (CTC / EITC / CDCTC)

 Increases the Pell Scholarship Award and makes investments in HBCUs, MSIs, HSIs, TCUs, and ANNHIs

 Creates the first federally paid benefit for the family and medical leave

Climate: Puts the US on track to achieve 80% carbon cuts by President Biden and 50% economywide through guidance on agriculture, banking, environmental legislation, EPW, finance, trade, HSGAC, and Indian affairs.

 Create a clean electricity payment program

Provides clean energy, manufacturing, tax incentives, and grants

Pollutant charging (methane and carbon imports)

Investing in climate-smart agriculture and forest management investments for farmers and rural communities

 Establishes coastal and ocean resilience programs

Makes the Ministry of Interior's assets from drought and forest fires

Offers discounts to consumers on household electricity and weather factors

 Provides environmental justice and resilience to climate change

Electrifies the fleet of vehicles and federal buildings

Infrastructure and Jobs: Invests in game-changing infrastructure projects and job programs not included in BIF through Banking Aid, Trade, EPW, Finance, Aid, HSGAC, Judiciary, Indian Affairs, Small Business, and Veterans Affairs.

 The historic level of investments in public housing, green and sustainable housing, housing production, and affordability

 Establishes the first civil climate authority

Invest in job training programs to connect workers to well-paid jobs

Provides green cards to millions of migrant workers and families

 Financing innovative technology for secure and efficient borders of trade, travel, and migration

 The most significant one-time investment in Native American infrastructure projects

Rehabilitation of Veterans Administration buildings and hospitals

New investments in economic development to revitalize communities and transform regions into new innovative jobs

Invests in research and development and strengthens supply chains for US manufacturing

Expand access to capital and markets for small businesses

Health Care: Based on the Democrats' goal of providing universal health care to all Americans in funding and assistance.

Adds a new Dental, Sight, and Hearing feature to Medicare

 The recent expansion of the ARP. Affordable Care Act

Invests in-home and community services to help the elderly, people with disabilities, and home care, workers

 Creates a new federal health program for Americans in the Medicaid Gap

 Reduces prescription drug costs and saves taxpayers hundreds of billions

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