Biden administration has begun returning some immigrants to their countries of origin

Biden administration has begun returning some immigrants to their countries of origin as part of a new expedited deportation policy

Biden administration began returning some immigrant families to their countries of origin Friday; a new policy now allows immigration authorities to deport families without a hearing.

The Department of Homeland Security said express removal flights began Friday for certain families who arrived at the US-Mexico border and cannot be expelled under Title 42 but "have no legal basis to remain in the United States." The families were sent back to their countries of origin in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The new Title 42 allows Customs and Border Protection to expel illegal immigrants to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in detention facilities.

"The expedited deportation process is a legal way to manage our borders securely and is a step toward our broader goal of addressing safe and orderly immigration," the State Department said Friday. "By placing families on urgent deportation that cannot be expelled under Title 42, People who do not qualify to remain in the USA will be removed immediately."

About 73 people have turned away on those initial flights, according to a Department of Homeland Security official.

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On Monday, the department of Homeland noted that crossing between a port of entry or avoiding inspections at ports of entry "is the wrong way to come to the United States."

Expedited removal procedures were created during the Clinton administration and used by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Immigration activists have criticized the Biden administration for reinstating the policy.

Biden administration earlier this week presented a root cause strategy and a plan for working with other nations to address immigration from the region.

"Irregular immigration to the United States is dangerous and may have long-term immigration consequences," the Department of Homeland Security said. "The trip is hazardous for families and children, including teenagers."

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