Viewers have criticized BBC's 'unfortunate' coverage of Tokyo Olympics

Viewers have criticized BBC's 'unfortunate' coverage of Tokyo Olympics as fans get angry over the lack of live sports, talking too much with star families and studio guests, and too much repetition

The BBC's coverage of the Olympics has once again angered fans

Viewers are unhappy with the lack of live sports, with one describing the effort as 'pathetic.'

Some complained about a lot of highlights and talked from the presenters

The broadcaster is only allowed to display two sports at once according to current rules

The BBC's coverage of the Olympics has once again come under fire from angry viewers, with some lamenting it as 'pathetic' after being tired of the lack of live sports, ongoing high-profile events, and too much talk by TV hosts.

The Tokyo Games delivered shock and excitement throughout the weekend - Team GB took home three gold medals on "Mega Monday." Still, some were appalled by the broadcaster's coverage and broadcast their frustration online.

The broadcaster is only allowed to show two sports simultaneously during this summer's Olympics due to licensing arrangements - one through a TV channel and the other on the red button.

Why does the BBC show fewer live events?

The BBC will only be allowed to show two live sports at once at this summer's Games after losing the bulk of its television rights to US company Discovery.

Viewers were left confused about the lack of live-action, although some may not have been aware of licensing developments.

The International Olympic Committee has struck a £920m deal with Discovery after the 2016 Rio Olympics, and this is the first summer the television contract has begun.

Fans can only tune in to the streaming service if they pay the £6.99 subscription fee.

The BBC has agreed to sublicense its rights to Discovery to ensure it can still show some events until at least 2024, with the US company given exclusive pay-TV rights.

 But their decision to show the highlights of the rugby sevens instead of a women's hockey match for GB was crucial, as Beeb failed to capitalize on their ability to display more than one live event on that occasion.

One angry fan wrote: "You do realize this game was at a very reasonable 0830am UK time."

"You could have shown it live instead... I honestly can't believe how inadequate this coverage is. I've been watching for two hours and haven't seen any live-action exactly.

Another agreed that there was no live-action and noted that the BBC was very keen to showcase the repeat performances of the GB athletes and speak to the media - the triumphs of Tom Daly and Matty Lee being circulated several times.

"Does anyone know the freedom to watch venues showing the Olympics? Pathetic BBC coverage." Good on Team GB, but let's watch other sports happen instead of repeating the same few things 100 times.

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