By Hisham Bakr: The Possession of the Cohort


The Possession of the Cohort

Written by: Hisham Bakr

In the South West side of Egypt, In El Wadi El Gdeed governorate, on a high hill in the Bashandi El Othmani Village, in the Balat City.

Two houses are joined side by side and are made of mudbricks. They resided at the end of a narrow street with a mud-stairs-like shape. There were tall buildings on both sides of the road; thus, the whole street, the alleys, and the houses in them were covered with shade.

The entire street covered Dom and Palmwood to prevent the sun rays from sneaking into it.

The house before the last twinkles through the night with luminous electric lights and the heavenly voice of a Quran recitation is coming out of the windows:

The passage that was being read was:

" وَقَالَ قَرِينُهُۥ هَٰذَا مَا لَدَيَّ عَتِيدٌ

(23) And his companion, [the angel], will say, "This [record] is what is with me, prepared."

أَلۡقِيَا فِي جَهَنَّمَ كُلَّ كَفَّارٍ عَنِيدٖ

(24) [Allāh will say], "Throw into Hell every obstinate disbeliever,

مَّنَّاعٖ لِّلۡخَيۡرِ مُعۡتَدٖ مُّرِيبٍ

(25) Preventer of good, aggressor, and doubter,

ٱلَّذِي جَعَلَ مَعَ ٱللَّهِ إِلَٰهًا ءَاخَرَ فَأَلۡقِيَاهُ فِي ٱلۡعَذَابِ ٱلشَّدِيدِ

(26) Who made [as equal] with Allāh another deity; then throw him into the severe punishment."

۞قَالَ قَرِينُهُۥ رَبَّنَا مَآ أَطۡغَيۡتُهُۥ وَلَٰكِن كَانَ فِي ضَلَٰلِۭ بَعِيدٖ

(27) His [devil] companion will say, "Our Lord, I did not make him transgress, but he [himself] was in extreme error."

Meanwhile, the last house on the street has many Yellow Candles' lights, devilish voices murmuring pharaonic, and Turkish Talismans and spells: The "Hâko Hycôw Sêt Decal" in a Turkish tongue.

A family is gathered around a table performing a Cohort Conjuring through a Cup / Table method in that house. They name themselves The Pharaoh Family, Heirs of Bashandi The Masters. Their eyes were glowing with pure redness with the subtle light of the candles. They were eating glass, metal, lit up pieces of coal, and top it all off with a gallon of fuel, plus pending metal coins with their eyelids. Then they would start beating and cutting each other with sharp weapons, and even one of them would shoot the other with a gun without leaving as much as a scratch on any of them.

One of them shouted a Pharohnic spell:

Ashtaatn Ashtoot Oh Masters of Hell. Great Ashtaad bestow upon us the invulnerability of body and make your immortal body engulf us through possession. Oh, Great Ashtaad makes us most powerful and protected by the sixth sense, making us aware of what every being is thinking. The earth started to shake, and from the gates of the pharaonic tombs that were beneath their house began to fly out thousands of Flying Cohorts.

Demons surround the whole cursed family. They started to freeze in their places out of terror because of the hideous shape of a Cohort. Their bodies began to shake uncontrollably, and there was a red lava-like ectoplasmic liquid that started to come out of the Cohorts to enter the bodies of the family to possess every one of them.

The Cohorts started congratulating each other through the bodies of their hosts, saying in unison:

We are free at last. We have had it with human beings' nonsense and control. Now, our time to lead, our time to thrive on their pain, time to enslave humanity, and all will be done through their bodies.

The End

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