By Hisham Bakr: Mary Basta is among the 20 most distinguished women around the world


Mary Basta

By Hisham Bakr: Mary Basta is among the 20 most distinguished women around the world, the first Egyptian mayor in America

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Mayor Mary was chosen as the best Citizen in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA. A success story is an inspiring story for many Egyptians and every ambition in the world. Can you tell us about the level of your immigration to the United States and how you succeeded in your work and life to publish it on the site?

Mary Alexander Basta was born in Cairo, studied at the American University in Cairo in the mid-1980s, immigrated with her family at the age of five to settle in the United States. She held many positions until she became mayor of Bolingbrook, Illinois, to become the first mayor in the United States of Egyptian origin. About a month ago, she was selected on the list of the 20 most distinguished women worldwide and Kamala Harris, US Vice President Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Finland, and Prime Minister of New Zealand. Al-Masry Al-Youm interviewed Mayor Mary Alexander from Washington, DC, where she confirmed that her small city includes two mosques and an Islamic school and welcomes Egyptians immigrating to the United States and all other nationalities.

Undergraduate studies and public work

Mary said before I became an [student] in mass communication, I was a  shy person, I found it is tough to make friends and socialize. Being a student at the American University in Cairo helped me develop the self-confidence and communication skills I have today. I studied the effectiveness of eye contact and body language and how they affect people's perception of an individual. Although I haven't mastered the art of public speaking yet, I'm someone who can deliver a message to target groups and through one-on-one conversations and get things done. Some have referred to me as the "Velvet Hammer."

The Basta family has been very involved in serving the Bolingbroke community and can be seen at many community events. Mary states that her parents' community involvement deeply moved her. Her mother and uncle now live in Bolingbroke as well. Passionate about youth development, Mary served on the Executive Board of Bolingbrook Football Club; she celebrated its 40th year of service to youth at Bolingbroke in 2018, and Mary's dedication to youth development has led to the school's support as head of

John F. Kennedy PTA

I also worked as the head of music enhancers in schools

Plainfield Middle School

Also, she worked as a consultant for the Children's Cancer Network in Newport Beach, California, and previously worked as president of Bloomfield West Homeowners Association.

Mayor Mary was chosen as the Citizen of the Year in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the USA, in 2018.

 What are its short and long-term goals and priorities?

"I will continue to preserve what Mayor Roger C Clar has built, who has dedicated 34 years to making Bolingbrook, Illinois, what it is today," said Mary. Bolingbrook is a tiny village (53 years old) and is overgrowing due to the infrastructure that has been put in place. We have door-to-door diversity in our neighborhoods, and we have been recognized several times as some of the best cities in the USA. My goal is to continue to keep Bolingbroke a place to grow and flourish, a place where families of any size, age, and nationality can call home.

Its plan to provide a safe community for its residents during the Corona pandemic?

Mayor Mary spoke as we, along with the rest of the world, face a pandemic COVID-19

I will continue to do what is required to maintain a safe community for our residents and provide an environment where they can come together safely and enjoy life. We had the jubilee where bands formed, and we had socially distanced areas where families could go out and enjoy the outdoors.

I also plan to work with the village council and the library, park, and school boards to make sure we all continue to share the same vision for our village and look for ways to make our community bigger than today.

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