Police are searching for a suspect who kill a woman and her dog

A 40-year-old woman and her dog were stabbed to death 

Katherine Janis, 40, and her dog were found dead in Piedmont Park early Wednesday morning.

Police said It is unclear whether the killing was targeted or random, and the killer is still significant.

Police searched for a suspect who stabbed a woman and her dog to death in an Atlanta park. They offer a reward of 10.000 $ who has any information about the accident.

Police said Janice was stabbed multiple times in what Vice President Charles Hampton called a "heinous attack."

The suspect is still at large. Officials said they did not determine a motive for the killing, and it was not clear if it was a target or random.

Authorities released a photo of Janice crossing a rainbow-painted footpath near the park in the city's Midtown neighborhood. They are currently working on tracing her steps.

It was not clear why she was inside the park after dark, according to CBS 46. Investigators are working to obtain footage from security cameras at the park and nearby businesses.

"The last picture taken by the police of Katie Janice doesn't show the kindness in her eyes. It doesn't show her her kind spirit or how she cared for her family. It doesn't show the love she had for her dog Boy. I just saw this picture of the two of them together, and it broke my heart," he wrote.

Looking at this photo of Katie and Bowie, I only know that they protected each other to the end. I wanted to share this photo, hoping that someone would see her face or see Bowie and realize they knew something - that they knew anything that could bring the monster who did this 

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