A 4-year-old boy was found missing in his toy box


Kache Wallis, 4 years old

A 4-year-old boy was found missing in his toy box

A 4-year-old Utah boy who has been missing since Sunday was found dead in a toy box in his bedroom on Wednesday in what authorities described as tragic suffocation.

Police investigators say the boy appears to have crawled into his toy box and choked there.

Cash Wallis was last seen alive Saturday night in Hurricane City, Utah when his grandmother pushed him into his bed and said good night. When I went to check on him Sunday morning, Cash wasn't in his bed.

Family members and friends search the home before calling law enforcement to report the child's disappearance. The police searched in the house before extending the search into the community.

When the child was not found, law enforcement decided to conduct their third search of the house when Cash's body was discovered inside a small toy box in his bedroom.

Family, friends, and law enforcement searched the home and Hurricane Town, Utah, for several days before discovering the little boy's body.

Hurricane City Police released a statement on Wednesday concluding that "after interviews with the family and further investigation of the cause of death by the Utah Medical Examiner's Office, an accidental death was found to be due to topical suffocation."

The creator, Sarah Jones, wrote that Cash had an infectious smile and loved everyone wherever he went, and they love him too! "My name is Kache with a K" is what he will say. We don't know what we'd do without him. Jones's relationship with the boy was not immediately clear.

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