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Are you looking for a full advertising plan for your products or company?

Are you looking for a way to introduce your company or products?

Are you looking for new opportunities to reach your target customers?

Do you want to increase customers and visitors and increase people's interaction with your products or services?

If your answer is yes, then welcome to our site. You are here at the exact right place and time


Rosemary News, we will help you:

·      Promote your company or product

·      Promote your project on social media

·      Send customers to your company or project

·      Increase interaction with your company or project

·      Increase views of your videos or ads


We help you in planning and implementing advertising campaigns to promote your product or services. Advertising campaigns are very essential to start or promote your business . Rosemary News is an electronic newspaper directed to all communities in the United States, mainly in Arabic, English, in addition to all other languages, covering events, reports, and daily news in a balanced manner and a framework of transparency and credibility. Publish the news on social networking sites such as

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel. Also, the Journal has an application on Android.

The headquarters of the Newspaper is in Washington DC.

License number: 39709


Various forms of advertising in the newspaper include:

Whole page daily publishing $350/month

Half page daily publishing $175/ month

Quarter of page daily publishing $100/ month

Ads 1- $250/month (Main page Only)

Ads 2- $200/month (On the side of all pages and posts including the main page)

Ads 3- $200/month (On the side of all pages and posts including the main page)

Ads 4- $200/month (Under recent posts on the main page only)

Ads 5- $150/month (All posts top) 

Ads 6- $100/month (All posts bottom)

Inside posts Ad- $100/month (One ad every day in one post for a month)


If you accept any of these offers, you will be qualified to get these services for FREE:

-       Publish weekly article about your Business, this will include your photo and your business card which will be published inside the article.

-       A Video on the YouTube channel about your Business and what it offers. Also, some clips of the company's activity and the services it provides.


A distinct marketing plan that includes:

Provide what distinguishes your project from other competing projects and companies working in the same field

The offers and services offered from time to time during the months of the year

What do you want to present to your target audience?

The Journal not only offers to publish the advertisements. But also design surveys and opinion polls for the customers to measure their reaction to the product or services you provide to improve the service and address any opportunities in your project, which lead you to success.

If you have any questions or for more information, you can contact the newspaper management.



Dr. Marian Tadrous

Editor in chief

Telephone (310)-421-7014

Email: rose.marynews.usa@gmail.com

 Arabic: https://www.rosemarynews-usa.com/

English: https://www.rosemarynews-en.com/


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