By Sameh Selim: Icon of Failed People

Mr. Sameh Selim

Icon of Failed People

By Mr. Sameh Selim- Member of the United States Press Agency

The failed, absent people create their myths to be icons for these absent, ignorant people, whether by an insider or external conspiracies. 

A legend is a shining star, an icon, and a role model for failed people. This legendary star could be a thug, a thief, a bully, a festival singer (a clown), an artist who presents something trivial and worthless, a gang leader, or a YouTuber who presents trivial content that does not benefit those who watch it, or media professionals who abandon their country’s problems. The truth is to present trivialities, personal matters, and invented conflicts to distract the people from the truth so that they become more and more absent until the people become lost and lost, dealing with all of the above. These people turn into groups of scumbags, oblivious to the progress going on around them in the world, and to break the will and destroy ambition with soft methods, so the media always shows the negative aspects. For the state or the government, it sometimes does not shed light on the positive aspects and does not provide proposed solutions that help solve the many accumulated problems. At other times, the failed media gives an unreal image of people who have failed from the truth and creates fictitious myths out of paper to serve as icons and role models.

Failed people also consume people who do not produce anything, even from great or rich countries.

They are also apparently religious people who do not respect religious teachings; they do not appreciate the value of work and respect the law. 

They are also racist people who do not respect others or those who disagree with them, whether in language, customs, traditions, gender, or religion.

These failed people will remain as they are. 

Cinema and television also have a negative role in tightening control over failed people who create cinematic or television content that perpetuates violence, crime, and bad morals and reduces the value of work. This creates generations with the same culture—the culture of myths!! Excuse me, the culture of flats. 


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