Disadvantages and gains of ambiguous policies

Mr. Sameh Selim

Disadvantages and gains of ambiguous policies

By Sameh Selim- member of United States Press Agency

All world policies have two sides, one negative and the other positive. Some countries rely on ambiguity and need clarity in their foreign policy. The negative side comes from unclear policies that reflect negatively on the other party or parties due to a lack of trust and expectation of the surprises that will come from the opponent. Some countries adopt ambiguous policies. As for a prior political conviction or plan, the absence of a future political vision, or political confusion. In both cases, they negatively impact the other party or other political parties that deal with this country. Loss of political credibility is the worst type of outcome for ambiguous policies.

As for the positive side of ambiguous or unexpected policies, there are several countries whose political relations are very bad with other countries based on conflicts of political or military interests or differences in strategic visions, but when economic and commercial interests and economic cooperation come with unexpected policies in contrast to the political situation or political disagreement with... The other party or parties are setting aside the economic aspect away from the existing political situation, or in other words, separating the political aspect from the economic aspect, which is one of the gains of ambiguous policies because you cannot predict what the ambiguous state will do economically in a complete difference from its hostile policy towards another state on the political level.

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