Will the era of economic ignorance end in the Arab world?

Mr. Sameh Selim

Will the era of economic ignorance end in the Arab world?

Written by journalist Sameh Selim - a member of the American Press Agency

The world is progressing and moving rapidly towards economic growth, and many examples exist in all parts of the world. Let us look at the Asian tigers, many of which have transformed from communist countries and a low socialist economy to openness and economic freedom, and India, which is competing with China, and also the transformation of many African countries towards rapid economic growth, such as the countries of the West and South. Africa.

As for most of the countries of the Arab world, they are still living in the old era of economic ignorance that has become obsolete. They are still living in the state of socialism that appeared in the sixties of the last century and remains until now, to overthrow the dreams of the peoples of these countries, just as it overthrew the dreams of the African peoples in the past in that period and made them hostage to socialism and political dictatorship. In some countries, this resulted in extreme poverty for many years until the African people rose up from their depression, that is, from the era of economic ignorance, and got out of the dark economic tunnel into the day of economic freedom. African-Arab peoples are trying to get out of the dark tunnel and have taken good steps to get out of their economic crisis, such as Egypt, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia, on the other side.

But there are countries on the Asian side of the Arab world that are still in the pre-Islamic era, oscillating between Baathism, religious and ideological dictatorship, and the economic colonial conspiracy theory that appeared in the sixties and which caused the devastation of Syria and Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon, in addition to Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, and Somalia.

Each country must determine its current economic identity, whether socialist or capitalist. Experience has proven that mixing the two systems will not be beneficial.

One of the greatest examples is the United Arab Emirates, which was able to define its economic and social identity towards a free economy and became a global model to be emulated regionally and globally.

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