By Sameh Selim: The reverse migration journey to the African continent

Mr. Sameh Selim

The reverse migration journey to the African continent

By Sameh Selim- Member of United State Press Agency

Many thanks to the great Mrs. Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy, daughter of the Renaissance, who began the new era of Renaissance in economic cooperation with the African continent, one of the richest continents in the world, for discovering African mines of goodness.

Leadership is not about words and speeches but through hard work, true international cooperation, and long-term economic and development solutions. Her sovereignty has insight, intelligence, and quick response to important ideas and proposals written in the press. She is a good reader of history and understands the political geography surrounding the European continent and the dangers that surround her country and the entire European continent. It is good for everything published in the international press, especially our American press in the United States, which is the most widely spread worldwide.

Italy did this after many appeals in several articles published in our American electronic newspaper, Rosemary News in Washington DC, about the African continent and the need to pay attention to it.

With it, the European Union and international, African, and European institutions have already begun to engage in economic awakening, after Europe was and is still absent from economic awareness, so that its sovereignty can lead the European community, which is suffering from successive economic crises to safety across the Mediterranean, yes, to the African continent, to safety for Europe.

On the first hand, to reduce Europe’s economic suffering, and on the second hand, to build the economic development of the African continent and to close the path to illegal immigration across the Mediterranean.

Will we see a reverse migration journey to Africa in the coming years?

Yes, Georgia Meloni began her reverse migration journey to the African continent.

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