Mr. Sameh Selim: Africa's economic uprising in the face of economic colonialism

Mr. Sameh Selim

Africa's economic uprising in the face of economic colonialism

Mr. Sameh Selim member of United States Press Agency

The African continent has now become the focus of attention of countries worldwide because of its natural wealth and resources, which can solve the global economic crisis.

Therefore, the eyes of the great powers or the major industrial countries turned to the continent's mines and natural resources. Water is wealth, the bright sun is wealth, fertile agricultural lands are wealth, and what is in the ground is wealth. Everyone is now looking for a foothold in the continent's countries to get out of their country's crushing economic crisis, and there is no way out of it. These successive economic crises are not a quest to gain space in the vast continent, but there are military and tribal conflicts and unrest within some of these countries now that frustrate all hopes and economic endeavors, whether through external or internal influence from within the country itself.

Despite all the attempts at sabotage and forceful control in some countries, other countries followed the right path not long ago and, in a few years, became eye-catching in a new way, different from the previous ones. They became a model to be emulated on the African continent and the world. Political and security stability was the main development title, drive, and will-conscious political process followed by a popular will moving in the same direction. These countries rose up in a real economic uprising after being absent from awareness for several decades. They no longer waste their wealth cheaply to force the major industrial countries to support their people, improve their infrastructure, and establish factories on their lands to employ them and produce good products. At prices suitable for global markets, some African people still need to be included in economic and development awareness, whether due to external influences or creating internal unrest. Unfortunately, some great countries, such as the United States, Britain, and Germany, are still absent from economic and development awareness in Africa. There is no way out of the global economic crisis except through economic development in Africa.

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