By Sameh Selim : Michel Drucker, the legend of French media


Mr. Sameh Selim

Michel Drucker, the legend of French media

Written by journalist Sameh Selim - a member of the American Press Agency

The greats live, and their works are immortal and written in the media history of France and Europe

Michel Drucker, who appeared on French television as a broadcaster of children's programs with his famous program

les enfants de la tele used to host French children and display their talents through the small French screen, interview them, and show them to the viewers. Also in the same program was hosting one of famous French and international singers such as Enrico Massis, Claude François, Julio Iglesias, and other stars of art and sports with the children. He creates harmony and harmony between the young child and the big, world-famous star. With his media intelligence, his usual spontaneity, and his love of children, he became the most famous broadcaster in France and Europe at that time and discovered talented children through his programs on French television. He discovered one of the most prominent talents was the child star Celine Dion, who then hosted her. Once again, after she became a famous international star in the world of singing

Starting out, the lesson learned here for every journalist is that talent and diligence create media success. If it were not for the children's programs that he presented, which most broadcasters shied away from, they were the reason for his success and fame and opened up more room for him to other programs in which he hosted celebrities, including stars of art, politics, and sports in France and the world. He even hosted the French president. The late Jacques Chirac was in one of his programs, and I was one of his fans and followers of the French children's programs that were shown on Egyptian television at that time and his other television programs in which he hosted French and international stars since the mid-seventies.

Michel Drucker is a legend whose intelligence and charisma will not be repeated because he was able to transform children's programs into various programs that everyone watches and that the entire world awaits.

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