By Sameh Selim: The culture of love of life and the culture of love of death

Sameh Selim

The culture of love of life and the culture of love of death

Written by Sameh Selim - a member of the American Press Agency

Will the culture of love of life triumph over that of love of death?

This is what is happening now among the current events in the entire world and not a specific spot on the earth. The culture of love of life and its stability is the prevailing rule accepted by the people of science because God created us and distinguished us from the other creatures on earth to live and enjoy life and everything around us. As for the culture of death, it is not for human creatures. Normality, each one against the other, is a global conflict that has become clear these days. We do not know its true causes, and they are mostly unconvincing causes.

Despair, poverty, and injustice sometimes make a person isolate himself from life and love death. However, if a person lives the minimum level of luxury, he will love life again and become a normal human being who respects law and public order. The most common examples of this are people from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are known for their culture of death when they live in other countries such as Dubai or... In the United States, their lives change from the culture of death in which they lived to the culture of love of life, and they return to normal life again.

Poverty alone or despair is not a reason for the love of death. On the contrary, the people of Latin America are poor but happy. They love life despite the conditions in their country of crime, drugs, and gang warfare, as well as some Asian and African countries that are sometimes exposed to the same conditions.

Then, we compare extremism when it rules and the dark dictatorship when it rules. Both of them are two sides of the same coin. The method is the same, and the result is the same, but the goals are different.

Extremism encourages a culture of death for the sake of an artificial cause, whether religious or ideological, that serves the goals of the extremist ruler, making his people and those who deal with him fuel fires everywhere. As for the dictatorial ruler, he encourages his people to die and lose their humanity for his own sake to ensure that he remains in power for as long as possible and makes his people fuel his machine. Death, even if the entire people perish.

In the end, we must ask ourselves why miserable people try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe or reach the United States, Canada, or Australia, and the answer is simply that these people love life and are looking for it.

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