A 13-year-old boy stabbed his mother while she was sleeping


A 13-year-old boy stabbed his mother while she was sleeping

Florida boy Derrick Rosa has been seen in his first photo, charged as an adult with stabbing his mother to death as she slept next to her newborn daughter - before "taking pictures of her body and sharing them with friends."

Derrick Rosa, who allegedly stabbed his mother to death, has been released by the Miami-Dade Correctional and Rehabilitation Institution.

He was charged as an adult in court and did not appear at the initial hearing.

A 13-year-old Florida boy who allegedly stabbed and killed his mother while his 14-day-old baby sister lay in bed next to her has been released.

Derrick Rosa, of Hialeah, Florida, is accused of brutally killing his mother, Irina Garcia, 39, in her bedroom last Thursday.

Officers arrived at the scene to find Garcia dead from multiple stab wounds to the neck in the family's apartment, with the child lying next to her, unharmed.

Rosa is being held at the Miami-Dade Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility and faces a charge of first-degree murder.

He was charged as an adult in court and did not appear at his initial hearing today.

Rosa's mother, Irina Garcia, 39, had just given birth to her younger sister two weeks ago. The little girl was found lying next to her body, unharmed.

Officials with the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office said a grand jury formally indicted him.

Rosa's father and grandmother appeared on behalf of the event today. During the hearing, emotional pleas were made, emphasizing support for the young boy.

His father said: "It is very unfortunate that this tragedy happened, but this child is very humble and very peaceful, and no one could imagine that this would ever happen."

After today's court hearing, the judge ordered him held without bail and transported to the Metro West Detention Center.

He will be detained while the judge considers the defense request to return him to juvenile prison.

The valedictorian called 911 just after 11:30 p.m. to report that he "just killed his mother," Lt. Eddie Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Hialeah Police Department, told WPLG-TV.

Police also released a transcript of the dispatch call a few days before the first hearing.

Derrick Rosa allegedly told the dispatcher that he had taken pictures of his deceased mother and sent them to friends.

Rosa posed with her mother and stepfather in matching outfits for a maternity photo shoot.

In the text, the sender asks Rosa: "Why did you kill your mother?" But no response was recorded.

He is heard saying: 'I took pictures and told my friends about them. Is that bad?'

The police have not yet confirmed the details of the photos, and they have not yet been published. He also told the dispatcher that he was "very sad" and wanted to "shoot himself with a gun he had."

Police believe the boy waited until his mother was asleep and then stabbed her several times.

Lt. Rodriguez said it was "not what you think or expect when you walk into that house or see the crime scene."

Footage from the scene showed the boy leaving the apartment while he was taken into police custody.

A neighbor, Lazaro Rodriguez, said: "I was shocked by the news. He was always with his mother, calm, and he would help her carry packages or shopping bags. I did not see anything abnormal with him. I don't know what could have happened."

Rodriguez told Local 10 News last week that the boy had no history of mental health issues and that police had never been to the family's apartment before.

"The neighbors didn't know there were any problems inside the house," he said, "so the investigators were baffled by this."

Derrick Rosa lived in the apartment with his mother, his newborn sister, and his stepfather, a truck driver.

Derrick Rosa was taken into custody by police on October 12. Police released a transcript of the 911 call this week

Derrick Rosa was alone in the apartment with his baby sister and their mother Thursday evening. His stepfather was reportedly away in Georgia at the time.

Other family members were seen arriving at the apartment after Rosa was taken into custody.

A family photo shared by local media just before Garcia's birth shows Rosa and his stepfather wearing light pink polo shirts and khakis, lovingly cradling Garcia's belly.

Officials said his little sister is now with her grandmother.

The teen was taken to a juvenile detention center and then transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital after he threatened to harm himself.

Derrick Rosa is scheduled to face a judge at a hearing next week.

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