By Mr. Sameh Selim: New Delhi and Cairo play a pivotal role in the G20 summit

Mr. Sameh Selim

New Delhi and Cairo play a pivotal role in the G20 summit.

By. Mr. Sameh Selim

Egypt and India's political and diplomatic savvy made them play a pivotal role between the East and the West in establishing economic cooperation and peace between peoples. Both Egypt and India are countries that seek world peace and international cooperation in all fields.

The pivotal role of both countries stems from the policy of non-alignment that the two friendly countries believe in in their dealings with all countries of the world. The basic rule for both in international politics is non-alignment, a wise policy that does not side with one party at the expense of another. Unsurprisingly, India and Egypt are members of the BRICS grouping. At the same time, members of the G20 and in attendance at the G20 Summit held in India.

Although many countries are politically hostile to each other, there is economic cooperation in other fields, and this is one of the lessons learned from these successive summits. India and China have political and border differences, and they are members of the BRICS and the twenty-first century. Egypt and Ethiopia have the problem of the Renaissance Dam, and they are members of the BRICS. This suggests a new global policy being consolidated and inaugurated by both Egypt and India. It is political wisdom and giving priority to the economic interests of people. It is a policy similar to international mediation in solving complex problems through political and diplomatic settlement and economic pressures, which sometimes goes back to ancient times in history and is derived from the wisdom and logic of ancient Greek philosophers and political philosophers in ancient France and Italy.

Egyptian policy set the greatest examples of wisdom and political savvy at the height of the disputes with Turkey, which almost reached a direct military clash. However, trade and economic relations between the two countries continued and did not stop momentarily. Will Cairo and New Delhi succeed in returning international relations to their normal path between the East and the West through their membership in both the BRICS and the 20th? Egypt's distinguished geographical location and India's active role in East Asia make them the link between Asia, Africa, and the West.

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