Congratulations on the 18th Issue of Afro-Asian Studies Journal


Rosemary News Team congratulates the Democratic Arab Center For Strategic, Political & Economic Studies in Berlin / Germany for publishing the 18th issue of the Journal of Afro- Asian Studies. 

Dr. Ammar Sharaan, the President of the Arab Democratic Cente, Dr. Ali. Latreche, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, and Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed, the Assistant Editor, and Dr. Marian Tadrous, the Editorial Director of the Journal, welcome the new arbitrators' team who joined the Journal from different fields.

Media Studies Division 

1. Dr. Lina Ghali, Professor of Media and Communication Sciences at the College of Arts and Sciences - American University of Science and Technology AUST

 2. Dr. Munsif Al –Lawati, Professor of Journalism at the Institute of Journalism and News Sciences - Manouba University – Tunisia

 3. Dr. Safaa Arsali, Professor of Cultural Sciences (University of Tunis) Researcher in Social and Humanities Paris Sakhali, a member of SLAM Laboratory (Languages, Arts, Music), Evry University. France. 

4. Dr. Ahmed Makharish, Ph.D of digital media and investigative journalism - South Mississippi University – United States 

5. Dr. Samira Setoutah Samira Setoutah, Professor of Public Relations at the College of Communication- Sharjah University. Emirats arabes unis 

6. Dr. Al-Sayed Al-Saeed Abdul-Wahhab, Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Awareness and Institutional Communication, Faculty of Mass Communication, Menoufia University - Egypt

7. Dr. Saddam Suleiman Salman Almashaqbeh- Assistant Professor of Radio and Television, Faculty of Mass Communication, Middle East University, Jordan.

Division of Legal Studies:

8. Dr. Sam Zahy, Ph.D. of International Law, Dedman School of Law Southern Methodist University, Texas

9. Dr. Ziad Latouf, Professor of Law at Mohamed bin Ahmed University - Oran 2 - Algeria and member of the Institute of Geopolitical Studies, applied in Paris- France. 

10. Dr. Kortebi Souhila, the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Tlemcen University (Algeria) 

11. Dr. Abd'elhamid Kessas, Faculty of Law, University of Algiers - Algeria 

12. Dr. Naif Sultan Al Shareef, Professor of Business Law and Commercial Arbitration at the Faculty of Law - King Abdulaziz University - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

13. Dr. Abbar Omar, the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Sidi Bel Abbes University (Algeria)

14. Dr. Emad Mohamed Fawzy Hussein, Professor of Comparative Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law - Alexandria University - Egypt 

15. Dr. Boudjani Abdelhakim the Faculty of Law at Ain Temouchent University(Algeria) 

16. Dr. Jihane Hussein Fakih, Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law - Lebanese University – Lebanon.

17. Dr. Patricia Al-Azzi is an Assistant Professor of Private International Law at the Faculty of Law, Political and Administrative Sciences - Lebanese University- Lebanon 

18. Dr. Gherbi Soreya, the Faculty of Law at Ain Temouchent University - Algeria 

19. Dr.Tarteel darwish, Associate Tarteel Darwish is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Science - Beirut Arab University.- Lebanon

20. Dr. Hala Abu Hamdan, Professor of Public Law at the Faculty of Law - Lebanese University. Lebanon 

21. Dr. Hanan Mohamed Almawla- Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property (I.P.) Law - University of Bahrain. 

22. Dr. Emad Hefnawy, Ph.D. in International Commercial Law, Ain Shams University - Egypt.

23. Dr . Randa Abd el Raouf Kamal Ali. Ph.D. in Public International Law - Faculty of Law - Benha University Division of Social Sciences and Library Sciences 

24. Dr. Dolly Kamal Al Sarraf, Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Social Sciences - Lebanese UniversityLebanon 

25. Dr. Sabrine ALJelassi, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences - Sousse University - Tunisia

26. Dr. Mays Abdel Karim Ismail, library and information science professor at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences - Damascus University - Syrian Arab Republic

 27. Dr. Mary Louis, Ph.D. in Business Administration - School of International Business - Scandinavia - Denmark. 

Division of Psychology: 

28. Dr . Desiree George AlAzzi, professor of clinical and pathological psychology at the College of Arts and Humanities - the Lebanese University Lebanon 

29. Dr. Jacqueline Ayoub, professor of clinical and illness at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities - the Lebanese University – Lebanon Division of Educational Sciences 

Division of Educational Sciences:

30. Dr. George Williams, Ph.D. in Education, Leadership, and PolicyRichard Riley College of Education- Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States- U.S.A.

31. Dr. Nour el houda badis, professeur de l enseignement superieur. Faculte des sciences humaines et sociales de tunis- Tunisia 

32. Dr. Mayssa Abbas Hajj Sleiman, Professor of Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Health - Lebanese University Lebanon

33. Dr. Munther Mubder Abdul Karim alabassi, Professor of Chemistry Teaching Methods - College of Basic Education - Diyala University - Iraq. 

34. Dr. Maher Mubder Abdul Karim Al-Abbasi, Professor of Modern and Contemporary History - College of Education for Human Sciences - University of Diyala - Republic of Iraq 

35. Dr. Heyam Musa Mustafa AL –Taj, professor of special education and dean of the College of Educational and Psychological Sciences- Amman Arab University - Kingdom of Jordan. 

Division of literary and linguistic studies:

36. Dr. Samar Saad, Professor of Arabic Language at the School of International Relations and Political Sciences - OMNES University - HEIP – Paris - France 

37. Dr. Fayrouz Fawzy, Professor of French at Quebec College - University of Quebec - Montreal - Canada and President of the Canadian Arab Institute for Migration Research and Cultural Interaction – Canada 

38. Dr. Katia Tannous Eliane, Professor of French Linguistics at the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Faculty of Letters - Lebanese University Lebanon 

39. Dr. Natalie Hanna Raphael, Professor of French Literature at the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Lebanese University - Lebanon 

40. Dr. Sihem Salem, professor in teaching English at the Department of English Language and Literature at Mohamed Lamine Debaghine Setif 2 University, Algeria

41. Dr. Sekkal Babou Mariam, Professor of Social Linguistics, Moulay Taher Saida University, Algeria. 

42. Dr. Roba Fawzi Nasr, Ph.D. in Arabic Language_ Higher Institute of Doctorate in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences_ Lebanese University and a lecture at Antonine University_ Lebanon.

Division of General Sciences:

43. Pr .Saadi Mohamed Relizane University, Algeria 

44. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moneim, University of Khartoum, Sudan 

45. Dr.Ali Ahmed Zain Alsagaf Jaipur University, India 

46. Dr.Rafik Suleiman from Germany 

47. Dr. Safia Zivingi Aleppo University, Syria 

48. Dr. Ammar Mustafa Alzein, Counselor at U.N. in Geneva, Switzerland 

49. Dr. Benaicha Amine University of Algiers III, Algeria 

50. Dr. Nadine Kahil, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon 

51. Dr. Ahmed Manea Hoshan Basrah University, Iraq 

52. Dr. Filali Férial University of Algiers II, Algeria 

53. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Lemine El Mokhtar Nouakchott University, Mauritania 

54. Dr. Ouarniki Ouafa Oran II University, Algeria 

55. Dr. Samar Hassan El Bagori Cairo University, Egypt 

56. Dr. Hamdani Yamina Tlemcen University, Algeria 

57. Dr. Abdullahi Yunusa Husaini Sule Lamido University, Nigeria 

58. Dr. Kelkoula Nachoua l'université de Setif, Algeria 

The Team is managing the Journal's website:

1.Samar Fanos Abdulnor Ph.D. researcher in international law S.M.U. University. Texas, United State U.S.A. 

2. Asmaa Mohamed AbdelQader Sandouqa Ph.D. Researcher in Radio and Television - Institute of Journalism and News Sciences - Manouba University - Republic of Tunisia. 

3. Aouatef Mekdiche -Ph.D. in Media and Communication Sciences, Institute of Journalism, Journalism and News Sciences, Manouba, Tunisia.

 4. Dr. Maged Sous, Ph.D. Researcher in Teaching and Curriculum Development at the College of Education - North Central University - U.S.A.

You are welcome to publish any scientific articles or research in English or French in the next issue in December 2023.

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