By Sameh Selim: Many disasters and collapses are coming

Mr. Sameh Selim

Many disasters and collapses are coming

By Sameh Selim: Member of United States Press Agency

We will start with the first catastrophe that has afflicted American society in decades, which is the problem of people experiencing homelessness, and it is like a dagger in the back of successive US administrations that pay little attention to them. And the mentally disabled are on the loose on the American streets without a shelter or a person or institutions to be responsible for them, and the most dangerous thing is that some of them drive cars.

The US administration does not care about these people while leaving the US-Mexican borders open for the entry of refugees and illegal immigrants to pressure the US society more and more, which will eventually lead to explosion and insecurity due to the inability of the police and security authorities in the country to control matters in light of this chaos with the uncontrolled proliferation of weapons. It leads to an increase in crime.

Another disaster, no less dangerous than the previous one, is the bankruptcy of 5 banks, which threatens financial credit and Americans' confidence in their financial institutions.

The last catastrophe, which is climate change and the large number of natural disasters that are occurring now, which necessitates a lot of spending on modernizing and strengthening the US infrastructure and spending on what results from natural disasters and climate change, such as the use of clean and renewable energy, spending in confronting natural disaster wars comes as a more important priority than spending on foreign military wars

We pray to God to save us from these disasters and the coming collapse.

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