By Mr. Sameh Selim: Memories of American cinema and the American dream

Mr. Sameh Selim

Memories of American cinema and the American dream

By Mr. Sameh Selim: member of United Stated Press Agency

Hollywood films and serials are soft power, and one is the longitudinal hand that penetrates other societies and countries to spread American culture, promote tourism and investment in America, and bring immigrants from all countries of the world in pursuit of the American dream—the gateway to soft powers, which is American cinema and American television drama. Film and television production companies presented the most wonderful films and series in this period, and this coincides with the presence of the greatest American and non-American artists in Hollywood to reach the world, such as Anthony Quinn, Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable, Charles Branson, Elizabeth Taylor, Omar Sharif, and others. The beautiful works of art that have become memories now, we always try to see them again through the Internet and the computer. These works of art have been influenced in one way or another by watching them on television during the seventies, which I witnessed when I was a young child, and as watched by the people of the world, such as the American TV dramas, the Roots and Ship series. Love, Magnum, Superwoman, and Falcon Crest, which were attracting viewers from all over the world at that time, stopped the works or other important things to see these wonderful works of art. achieved in that period.

But was the American cinema a liar when it showed only the positive and beautiful side of American society without the other bad and dark sides? And the answer to this question is yes.

Because it did not show the other dark aspects until the immigrant came and collided with it, such as racism and wasting the rights of migrant workers by some business owners without adherence to the labor law, bad Treatment and exploitation, excessive taxes in some states, insecurity in many areas, and the lack of adequate health insurance coverage for older people and people with low incomes in Treatment, medicines, the pitch darkness in the streets and areas with vast areas, the presence of predatory animals in remote areas outside the cities, the lack of public transportation for those who cannot drive a car, and so on, has the American dream now become a mirage?

Or is it still a real dream, and will Hollywood cinema announce the truth without falsehood or lies?

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