A car crashed into the house's second floor, and the driver did it on purpose

A car crashed into the house's second floor, and cops say the driver did it on purpose.

Occasionally, we'll see a car crash in which some luck from road height results in the car catching the big air. Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw a video of a stolen Lincoln Town Car flying like Simone Biles in San Francisco, and it stopped the landing. But these are accidents. Over the weekend, a 2006 Toyota Corolla defied gravity for a few seconds and crashed into the second floor of a home in Lewistown, Pennsylvania - what's special about this accident is that cops believe the driver did it on purpose.

Pennsylvania State Police hasn't said why they believe Sunday's accident was a "deliberate act" or whether the 20-year-old driver knew the home's occupants, but he was arrested pending a long list of possible charges that could include aggravated assault. , reckless exposure to danger, and criminal corruption. He was taken to the hospital with injuries.

After blowing a large hole in a second-floor room, the car ended up with a first-floor roof. One of the occupants was in the house but was downstairs. The house, or target if you will, is across from an open field, and there is a stream that authorities believe the driver used as a staging post.

That's right; the Corolla jumped over other vehicles on its way to its destination.

It took the fire crew about three hours to lower the vehicle and stabilize the frame.

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