Toyota is planning a new electric car with a range of 900 miles and a charge time of 10 minutes


Toyota is planning a new electric car with a range of 900 miles and a charge time of 10 minutes.

Toyota just revealed plans for a new electric vehicle battery technology that could provide up to 900 miles of driving range, and many are calling it a potential game-changer.

In a recent briefing, the company announced big news about its new solid-state EV battery technology. Saying it has simplified production of the materials used to make solid-state batteries, the company plans to roll out a model by 2025 that will expand its cruising range by 20%.

The higher-performance version is still in research and development but has the potential to provide 50% more cruising range—more than 900 miles, according to Toyota. It can get you from New York to Chicago and then some more, and the charging time will only be 10 minutes.

Toyota has made headlines recently by announcing that it will bring solid battery electric cars to the market in the next few years.

Solid-state batteries (as opposed to lithium-ion batteries, which use a liquid electrolyte) are a potential watershed for electric vehicles. They can reduce charging times, increase capacity, and reduce fire hazards.

The company will also introduce two types of next-generation batteries in 2026 and 2027 — "performance" and "popular."

The performance version will use the same battery chemistry as the bZ4X SUV but will offer 20% more driving range. Plus, it will cost 20% less. The popular version will deliver the same range gains but at a 40% cost reduction.

While solid-state batteries have been around for a while, there have been problems with scaling up production to put them into mainstream electric cars. Several companies are working on the issue, including Porsche. A startup has developed a way to 3D print these batteries in different shapes and sizes.

However, according to The Guardian, Toyota claims to have made a breakthrough in solid-state battery manufacturing, making this product easier to produce than lithium batteries.

Toyota's innovations in solid-state batteries are big news for the company and the planet. New technology will save consumers time and money through lower prices and less time at charging stations. The greater range will help eliminate anxiety for potential customers interested in electric vehicles, making these vehicles more suitable for cross-country travel while charging infrastructure.

This is great news for the planet, too. Electric vehicles contribute far fewer greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than conventional cars.

David Bailey, professor of business economics at the University of Birmingham, said this could be a pivotal moment in the development of electric vehicles - if Toyota can pull it off.

"Often there are breakthroughs at the prototype stage, but then it's difficult to scale them up," he told the Guardian. "If it's a real breakthrough, it could be a game-changer, pretty much the Holy Grail of battery-powered vehicles."

The company aims to mass produce its solid-state battery from 2027-2028. However, Electrek urged people to avoid getting their hopes up because Toyota has a history of lagging in their timelines.

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