110 million people are on alert for severe and dangerous weather over the weekend

110 million people are on alert for severe and dangerous weather over the weekend

Between the devastating storm threat from the Midwest to the East and dangerous heat in the West and South, more than 110 million Americans are on alert for dangerous weather this weekend.

On Saturday, the extreme temperatures stretching from the West Coast to the South could affect 66 million Americans.

Temperatures in the West will be in the high 100s in many locations and up to 110 in places like Reading, California, Fresno, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. A high of 116 degrees is expected in Palm Springs.

In the South, heat index temperatures (how the temperatures feel) range from 105 to 115 degrees on Saturday in no fewer than eight southern states from Texas to Georgia. The entire state of Mississippi is under an overheat warning.

On Saturday, the most dangerous area is centered on St. Louis, Louisville, and Indianapolis and spans parts of I-70, I-55, I-65, and I-64.

More than 50 million Americans were in the storm zone this weekend. Americans must stay alert from Missouri to the East Coast for storms with damaging winds and the chances of a big hailstorm and some tornadoes.

On Sunday, the threat of damaging winds and significant hail will extend from Tennessee to New Jersey.

Temperatures are expected to remain high during the July 4th holiday.

Fifteen states remain under air quality alerts on Saturday. Overall, America's smoke is thinning, but health officials have warned that those with asthma and other respiratory problems should continue to exercise caution.

Health officials say it's important to remember to minimize outdoor exertion and listen to your body—sitting in the shade with plenty of adequate hydration is of utmost importance if you're outside. Better yet, stay indoors with air conditioning on.

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