NASA map showing the fires burning in Canada

NASA map showing the fires burning in Canada

Wildfires in Canada continue to cause haze across central Indiana. Where are they still burning?

Fires are shown burning across Canada in a June 28, 2023, map created by NASA and the US/Canada Resource Management Fire Information System.

Central Indiana will continue to see the impact of the Canadian wildfires through at least Wednesday as visibility and air quality decrease, according to the National Weather Service.

This isn't the first time we've been exposed to the effects of the wildfires that have recently ravaged Canada. Earlier this month, they also caused smoky conditions around Indianapolis that were dangerous for some.

Wildfire smoke affects air quality alerts across the US and can linger for days or even weeks,

Wildfire smoke is different from other sources. This is because of the unhealthy substances they contain, how they can travel long distances and persist in the air, and change over time and become more toxic.

Wildfire smoke contains harmful or toxic gases, particulate matter, and small particles that can be inhaled. These particles can penetrate the lungs and affect people with respiratory problems.

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