Police shoot suspect after he stabbed four people in Long Beach, California

Police shoot suspect after he stabbed four people in Long Beach, California.

Several people were stabbed in Long Beach, California.

The suspected attacker was killed by police shortly after their arrival.

Law enforcement rushed to the scene just before noon, dropping off the "officer shooting" suspect shortly after locating him in the West Coast city.

It is uncertain how many people were stabbed, but according to the Long Beach Post, as many as four people were attacked near the Belmont Shore area.

Long Beach Fire Department officials said that paramedics are evaluating several people.

A heavy police presence was seen in the area shortly after the attack, with witnesses saying the attacker fled the scene before being swiftly shot by police officers.

A Long Beach Fire Department spokesperson said one of the victims was taken to a local hospital, while the other victims were treated at the scene.

Officials added that the person shot by the police was taken to hospital.

A resident, Ray Vanata, said he was at his home nearby when his wife alerted him to an intense commotion when the stabbing spree unfolded.

He claimed that when he looked out into a park, he saw what appeared to be a fight, with one man continuously punching another while onlookers screamed and called for help.

The attack unfolded shortly before noon in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, California.

Vanetta said he called the police before approaching the situation, where he saw the attacker brandishing a knife.

Another witness added that the attacker fled the scene before they heard several gunshots.

"It hits close to home," Vanata said. "It lets you know that you should always be aware of your surroundings."

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