By: Mr. Sameh Selim: Important and urgent to the members of the US Congress

Mr. Sameh Selim

Important and urgent to the members of the US Congress

By: Mr. Sameh Selim- member of United States Press Agency

An appeal to members of the US Congress, where discussions and debates continue now about raising the debt ceiling or not, and the ongoing dialogue in the media on this issue.

I want to put forward proposals to you to solve this problem so that I will start my discussion on the issue of public debt, so first we must know who is the real creditor and who is the debtor, how to differentiate between them, and I am talking about China as an example, a thief of Western technology, innovations, and inventions, one of the countries with the most patents for inventions and innovations in the United States and Europe. China is just a thief, transporter, and clone of products at low prices and with great perfection. In this way, it was able to flood the world markets and imitate trademarks and what is forbidden in international trade law. China has violated international trade law violation of The inviolability of patents and the imitation of brands; therefore, paying off the debt or raising the debt ceiling in this regard is not a priority, given that this debt does not exist at all, and we, as a state, are not required to pay off debts or raise the debt ceiling, but rather write off these debts because we are the owners of the original right. A fair set-off of the right holders must be carried out as an administrative measure by Congress and the US government, and the reasons are clear are the violation of international trade law, theft, and imitation of trademarks, which makes this debt as if it was not and not to pay it in response to what China is doing. The issue is not political or military but rather purely legal and commercial. The United States is not A debtor to anyone but a creditor, not to mention military, medical, and other inventions.

For example, the Corona epidemic emerged in China, which caused the world to lose its economic balance, and anti-faxes were invented in the United States. This is a reminder so that members of Congress remember and the US government remembers.

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