By Mr. Sameh Selim: Georgia Meloni, daughter of the Renaissance

Mr. Sameh Selim

Georgia Meloni, daughter of the Renaissance

By Mr. Sameh Selim- Member of United States Press Agency

The origins of Italian nationalism, to which Prime Minister Georgia Meloni belongs, go back to the Renaissance era. It was the brightest era in Italy after the collapse of the Roman Empire, which had ruled the world for ages. Giuseppe Mazzini is considered the spiritual father and founder of the national movement in Italy. His most important goals were the liberation of Italy from Austrian occupation, aristocratic privilege, and freedom from religious authority.

But what is happening now is a change in modern Italian nationalism, so the goals change with time. Italian unity has become a new concept, which is that the borders of the state are not in danger from foreign armies, as in the past, but rather the threat to Italian unity comes as a cultural and social invasion from the Mediterranean, which is immigration Legitimacy to change the Italian identity and the authentic and ancient Roman civilization as history.

One of the reasons for the invasion coming from North Africa across the Mediterranean was the control of Pope John Paul II as a religious authority that sometimes surpassed the state’s leader in welcoming refugees and illegal immigrants, protecting them, and providing them with aid.

Then comes Mrs. Georgia Meloni, coming from the era of the Renaissance and the time of the nationalists, belongs to Mr. Mazzini, the founder of this movement. In the past, the nationalists defended the homeland and expelled the foreign occupiers. In the present, Mrs. Meloni defends the homeland, such as protecting the long borders that extend by sea and land and limiting the religious authority in the country away from absurdity with the identity of Italy.

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