The United States is completing its first evacuation task from Sudan

The United States is completing its first evacuation task after a bus of hundreds.

The American army conducted the first evacuation of ordinary citizens in Sudan.

This came when hundreds of Americans completed the dangerous journey through the war-torn nation.

The families of the trapped Americans in Sudan criticized the United States.

To exclude any evacuation in the United States at first

The first evacuation of the US leadership of ordinary citizens in Sudan was completed after hundreds of people who were risky through the war-torn war to Port Sudan.

US officials said that desirable citizens arrived at the port under the escort of armed drones, which indicated the bus caravan carrying 200 to 300 Americans, 500 miles to Port Sudan, a place for relative safety.

The United States was criticized by the families of the Americans trapped in Sudan for excluding any evacuation in the United States at the beginning, despite an estimated 16,000 Americans in Sudan who wanted to leave.

The evacuation came on Saturday after the United States's special operations forces flew to the capital, Khartoum, on April 22 to raise the crew of American employees at the embassy and other US government members.

More than ten other countries are already evacuating their citizens from Sudan, using a mixture of military aircraft, marine ships, and main employees.

After the nation entered the turmoil on April 15, a wide range of international mediators - including African, and Arab countries, the United Nations, and the United States managed - only to achieve a series of stopping to stop the temporary fragile temporary.

While failing to stop the clashes, they created enough calm for thousands of Sudanese to flee to safety.

Although American officials tried to link Americans to the evacuation efforts in the other country, they were warned by citizens who needed to find their way out of the country when the conflict erupted.

The recent attempt to evacuate citizens from the country was when US officials took advantage of relative calmness in the fighting, and from afar, they organized their convoy of Americans.

Previously, US officials have tried to help citizens join the evacuation efforts in the other country.

Without evacuation trips near the capital provided by other countries to its citizens, many American citizens have left to take a dangerous wild trip from Khartoum to the main Red Sea port in the country, Port Sudan.

One of the Sudanese American families, who took the journey earlier, was described by several checkpoints run by armed men, the bodies of the street, and the vehicles of other Farder families who were killed along the way.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Matthew Miller said the convoy carried two American citizens, the local population working in the United States, and citizens of allied countries.

"We are repeating our warning to the Americans not to travel to Sudan," he said.

In addition to its recent efforts, US officials are also working with Saudi Arabia to see if a marine ship in the Kingdom can bear more Americans to Jeddah.

US officials carried out the first evacuation of its citizens in Sudan after hundreds of Americans completed the dangerous journey through the war that was torn by the war to its port on Saturday.

From Port Sudan, out of fighting, the Americans in convoy can search for sites on ships crossing the Red Sea to the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Officials said that AR officials are waiting for Americans as soon as they arrive on the sidewalk in Jeddah, but there are no American employees in Port Sudan.

The escalating evacuation efforts come after two of the dead Americans have been confirmed since the outbreak of the fighting on April 15.

One was an American civilian who said he was arrested in Crossfire. The other was the city of Iowa, Iowa; the doctor was stabbed to death in front of his house and his family in Khartoum, in the violence free of the law that accompanied the fighting.

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