By Sameh Selim: Loss of political credibility

Mr. Sameh Selim

Loss of political credibility

Written by Sameh Selim - A member of the US Press Agency

There is no doubt that the dealings of states with each other within the framework of the accepted international relations require credibility and fulfillment to a large extent of political, economic, or military promises. The world's countries are without regard for the country's internal and external interests. This is happening now in terms of political confusion in American foreign policy, the main reason for which is the struggle for power between the Democratic and Republican parties in a clear and blatant discrepancy and difference between the far right and the far left. 

The radical difference in policies given to the countries that deal with The United States is an impression of a lack of confidence and security due to the difference between the two major parties and the stark contrast between them in international dealings without referring to American institutions. The state of institutions and law is the basis on which American policy is built and in which the international community believes. As for the party-state, it dropped American policy and placed it in a weak position of distrust of political, economic, or military promises.

The parties' control in this way on the American political scene means the fall of the state of institutions, the loss of more allies and friends, and the absence of American foreign policy from the international political scene.

I believe that a review of American foreign policy is imperative to restore its prestige, which has been lost in recent times, and that it is politically wise now to deal with impartiality, such as non-aligned countries that deal with the international community according to their higher interests first and without siding with alliances or specific parties.

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