By Mr. Sameh Selim: The international employees

Mr. Sameh Selim

Who are the international employees?

By Mr. Sameh Selim- member of USPS

This mysterious question arises before us: can we know who they are and where they come from? They are certainly the employees of the United Nations and its specialized organizations and their assistants.

Are they working in the diplomatic corps in the ministries of foreign affairs in the countries of the world, or are they former ministers, or are they ordinary government employees who have innovation and creativity in international fields, or are they jurists, judges, or professors in public or private international law or constitutional law? The international organization, which is the United Nations, is headed by the Secretary-General, but what are the selection criteria for these high international positions, and do the selection rules rise to the level of these high international positions, or is the selection made by random means, or based on the courtesies of the great powers, or based on economic interests, etc., and is there anyone who sets legislation and laws Or is it the old international legislator who does not interact with contemporary issues and sets current legislation for them, such as global cross-border cybercrimes, theft of money from banks of other countries, or what is known as electronic robbery.

Among the reasons for the failure of the international organization to solve many global problems is the failure to choose the correct position for the position of Secretary-General and the international staff in the specialized organizations. The former general of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, a doctor who has nothing to do with diplomatic or even legal work, his correct place as a doctor is to head the World Health Organization in his specialization and not as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

As for the international media's dealings in general and the American media in particular, it deals with the United Nations with a lack of credibility and needs to confront the international organization with its mistakes and how to correct them.

As an American journalist, I ask you these questions for the first time in a media that is not flattering, frankly, to confront and correct mistakes.

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